Floppy Emulator

Floppy Emulator 1.31

Emulates floppy disk drive functionality for USB
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ipcas GmbH

Create areas on USB sticks serving as fully digital replacements for physical floppy disks serving as data carriers. The suite generates up to a hundred floppy images on a single USB stick and monitors the data recorded on each of them with an option of defragmenting or wiping it.

Swap your legacy diskette drive for the new USB floppy drive! From now on use reliable USB Sicks instead of vulnerable diskettes! Up to 100 floppies can be stored on one single USB Stick! In the wake of constantly advancing USB technology, especially USB memory components, legacy floppy disk drives are gradually being phased out.

Main Features:

- The old floppy disk drive is replaced 1:1. The connections are identical, so no further changes have to be made.
- The USB Stick at the USB Floppy Emulator replaces the old diskette entirely. USB memory components have long life spans and high capacities.
- The new USB floppy drives and USB memory components are practically immune to impacts from magnetic fields, dust or shock.
- The contents on 100 floppies can easily be placed on one single USB Stick. That saves a lot of time and costs!

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